The whistleblower system

The whistleblower system is part of our trust-based corporate culture. A positive and open culture includes compliance with legal, social and essential internal rules. You may be aware of harmful behavior or risks that could endanger syskomp group (syskomp gehmeyr GmbH, bfm GmbH). By informing us, you will help to uncover grievances at an early stage and thus ensure the long-term success of syskomp group (syskomp gehmeyr GmbH, bfm GmbH).

The principle is simple

Employees and external parties who identify a gap in compliance with laws or regulations at syskomp group (syskomp gehmeyr GmbH, bfm GmbH) can submit a report.

You can choose whether to make the report anonymously or by stating your name. You can submit a report regardless of whether you work for us or not. To ensure confidentiality, syskomp group (syskomp gehmeyr GmbH, bfm GmbH) works with an external partner with legal expertise.

What is the whistleblower system for?

The whistleblower portal serves to identify and avoid significant risks for the company.

You can report any suspicion of an actual or potential violation of laws or internal regulations - including human rights and environmental risks or obligations. The categories in which misconduct can be reported range, for example, from data protection violations and anti-competitive agreements to corruption, theft or money laundering. The portal is primarily intended for reporting serious misconduct against applicable law, standards or company guidelines.

Whistleblowers should therefore only pass on information that they are convinced to the best of their knowledge and belief is correct.

How does a report work?

You can submit a report electronically, by telephone or in person - it is also possible to submit reports anonymously.

The reports are received by our compliance service provider. The lawyers responsible inform the whistleblower that the report has been received, assess the report from a legal perspective, initiate appropriate measures and inform the whistleblower of the measures taken no later than three months after the report was submitted.

However, we also encourage such matters to be reported via the established reporting channels. These are

  • Direct Supervisors,
  • Management,
  • Human Resources.
The syskomp group (syskomp gehmeyr GmbH, bfm GmbH) expects managers and supervisors at all hierarchical levels to take such reports seriously, to treat them confidentially and to clarify them promptly with the appropriate guidelines and necessary measures in order to eliminate the grievance.

Will my identity be treated confidentially?

Yes, all complaints and reports will of course be treated confidentially and can also be submitted without giving your name.

Confidential data may only be passed on if this is necessary and legally permissible. Our managers are also obliged to forward reports received to our reporting office confidentially.

How can I submit a report?

Follow this link to the whistleblower portal.

Submit a report

Here you can find our Whistleblowing Policy as PDF.

Whistleblowing Policy – syskomp group (PDF)