Our delivery programme includes everything from "simple" valves up to complex and invidually configured systems.
Key components of our services are standard components for industrial pneumatics on the one hand and customer-specific solutions for industrial pneumatics use on the other hand.

Pneumatic cylinders
& drives

pnemautics - norm cylinders

Norm cylinders

pneumatics - mini cylinders

Mini cylinders

pneumatics - round cylinders

Round cylinders

pneumatics- short-stroke and compact cylinders

Short-stroke and
compact cylinders

pneumatics - tie-rod cylinders

Tie-rod cylinders

pneumatics - guide cylinders

Guide cylinders

pneumatics - slotted cylinders

Slotted cylinders

pneumatics - bellows cylinders

Bellows cylinders

pneumatics - cylinder valve units

Cylinder valve unit

pneumatics - cylinders with displacement sensors

Cylinder with
displacement sensors

pneumatics - double piston cylinders

Double piston cylinders

pneumatics - mebraine cylinders

Membrane cylinders

pneumatics - rotary drives

Rotary drives

pneumatics - cylinder accessories

Cylinder accessories

pneumatics - proximity sensors

Proximity sensors

pneumatics - displacement sensors

Displacement sensors

Pneumatic valves
& valve systems

pneumatics - valve systems according to norm standards

Valve systems
according to norm standards

pneumatics - valve systems

Valve systems

pneumatics - base plates according to norm standards

Base plates
according to norm standards

pneumatics - electrical connection technology

connection technology

pneumatics - electrically operated valves

Electrically operated

pneumatics - pneumatically operated valves according to norm standards

Pneumatically operated
valves according to norm standards

pneumatics - pneumatically operated valves

Pneumatically operated

pneumatics - electrically operated valves according to norm standards

Electrically operated
valves according to norm standards

pneumatics - manually operated valves

Manually operated

pneumatics - silencers


pneumatics - coils


pneumatics - mechanically operated valves

Mechanically operated

pneumatics - fieldbus connection

Fieldbus connection

pneumatics - way valves

Way valves



Pressure control valves
& pressure regulators

pneumatics - e/p pressure control valves

E/P pressure control valves

pneumatics - manually operated pressure control valves

Manually operated
pressure control valves

pneumatics - pressure regulators

Pressure regulators


& shut-off valves

pneumatics - throttle check valves

Throttle check valves

pneumatics - throttle valves

Throttle valves

pneumatics - check valves

Check valves

pneumatics - quick exhaust valves

Quick exhaust valves

pneumatics - ball and shut-off valves

Ball and shut-off valves

pneumatics - logic valves

Logic valves



Compressed air preparation

pneumatics - maintenance units

Maintenance units

pneumatics - containers


pneumatics - manometers


pneumatics - fats and oils

Fats and oils

Connection technology

pneumatics - srewing with plug connection

Screwing with
plug connection

pneumatics - screwing with union nut

Screwing with
union nut

pneumatics - screwing accessories

Screwing accessories

pneumatics - compressed air tubes

Compressed air tubes

pneumatics - compressed air pistols

Compressed air pistols

pneumatics - couplings


pneumatics - rotor contacts

Rotor contacts

pneumatics - wiring boxes

Wiring boxes

pneumatics - wiring boxes with cable

Wiring boxes with

pneumatics - circular connectors

Circular connectors

pneumatics - circular connectors with cable

Circular connectors with

pneumatics - multipole plugs

Multipole plugs

pneumatics - multipole plugs with cable

Multipole plugs with

pneumatics - contact bridges

Contact bridges




pneumatics - proximity sensors

Proximity sensors

pneumatics - displacement sensors

Displacement sensors

pneumatics - position monitoring

Position monitoring

pneumatics - flow sensors

Flow sensors

pneumatics - speedometers


pneumatics - pressure sensors

Pressure sensors

pneumatics - electric connection technology

connection technology


Appropriate components
for handling tasks

pneumatics - vacuum accessories

Vacuum accessories

pneumatics - suction pads

Suction pads

pneumatics - vacuum generators

Vacuum generators

pneumatics - non-contact transport systems

transport systems

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