Management policy

The company has adopted the following policy in order to achieve the corporate goal of securing and expanding its market position in the long term, preserving jobs, and securing and expanding earnings.

  • The quality management system meets the requirements of ISO 9001:2015,
    with the focus of quality management on customer satisfaction.
  • The environmental management system meets the requirements of ISO 14001:2015,
    with the aim of protecting the environment and saving resources.
  • The occupational health and safety management system meets the requirements of ISO 45001:2018,
    aiming to protect the health and safety of employees.
  • Products and services
    Our products and services embody reliability and innovation. Product development is carried out in collaboration with the customer. Exclusions related to products and services are not defined.
  • Quality
    This is reflected in the conformity of our products, the competence of our service, the adherence to delivery dates as well as the flexibility with which we realize the wishes of our customers. We implement all relevant requirements according to specifications.
  • Customers
    Through competent customer consulting, our company supports the customer in the planning of new products, in the conception of production processes and in the realization of production plants.
  • Employees
    Each employee is responsible for his work results in the following areas:
    • Quality
    • Safety and health protection
    • environmental protection
    Through the high motivation and qualification of our employees we create the basis for
    • quality-conscious
    • health-conscious
    • environmentally conscious
    work. The management promotes training and further education.
  • Safety and health (S&G)
    We identify risks at an early stage and thus prevent accidents. For this reason, health and safety targets are defined, implemented and verified on an ongoing basis. As a result, our S&G performance is constantly improving.
  • Continuous improvement
    Through our management system, we strive to avoid mistakes. It serves as a tool for us to continuously improve our procedures and processes, reduce risks and identify opportunities.
  • External providers
    We only work with external suppliers who operate to equivalent standards of quality, safety, health and environmental protection.
  • Environment
    As a part of this community, we are committed to protecting our environment. We strive to minimize our impact on the environment through the proper use of resources, environmentally sound practices, and qualified disposal of waste. It is our goal to continuously improve our environmental performance.
  • Laws
    It is our claim to comply with all relevant legal requirements. Compliance is continuously monitored and verified
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