Damping technology

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Separators without damping

A reliable low-cost solution: The separators without damping are obtainable in different variants (e.g. different lowering strokes, heat- or cold-resistant, varying means for detecting the upper and lower position of the stop plate).

separators without damping

Separators with damping

Separators with damping allow the damping of workpiece carriers up to the end position vibration-free.

separators with damping

Separators high-speed

Higher loads or speed of workpiece carriers can be handled easily with the high-speed separators.

high-speed separators

Return stops

Return stops prevent the workpiece carrier from bouncing back off the separator after stopping.

return stops

Positioning unit

Fast lifting and positioning units take care of lifting and indexing workpiece holders precisely.

positioning unit

Angle dampers

Angle dampers are components that damp the workpiece carriers and channel them in and out of transverse sections onto longitudinal sections (and vice versa).

angle dampers

Separators for roller conveying systems

The separators stop or damp one or more workpiece carriers at the respective stop plate of the roller conveying system.

separators for roller conveying systems

Accelerator modules

The modules allow the workpiece carriers that shall be processed to leave the processing station faster and by that provide shortened processing cycles.

accelerator modules

Electrical separators with damping

The separators allow the damping of workpiece carriers up to the end position vibration-free - regardless of the degree of placement. No compressed air will be required.

electrical separators with damping

Electrical return stops

The return stops help realizing the controlled lowering of workpiece carriers by the use of electrical energy. No compressed air will be required.

electrical return stops

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